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    Children's Psychological Services

    All children get upset sometimes and can have difficulties in their family lives.

    We see children and young people who are very worried, sad or angry. This can affect their daily lives, including their behaviour, other feelings, eating and sleeping, as well as their relationships with friends and family.

    We also help children and young people to cope with significant health problems, for example chronic fatigue and pain, or developmental difficulties, such as ASD and ADHD.

    We support children, young people and their parents by listening to their concerns, talking, drawing and sometimes playing games. We can see children and young people on their own, or with parents/carers; sometimes we help best by seeing the parents/carers on their own.

    What is a Clinical Psychologist/ Psychological Therapist?

    A Clinical Psychologist/ Psychological Therapist is interested in how children think, feel and behave.

    • We listen to children, young people and families’ concerns, try to understand your family situation and find a helpful way forward.
    • We will try to get to know you and your child by talking, listening, drawing and sometimes playing games.
    • We do not prescribe medication.
    • We work together to help children and parents to make changes for the better.


    What kind of things do Clinical Psychologists/ Psychological Therapists help with?

    We help children/ young people who are so upset, angry, unhappy or worried that it affects their day to day lives, including their health, emotions, behaviour and relationships.

    For example, children/ young people might experience high levels of anger, tantrums, low mood, anxiety or have problems with eating, sleeping, friendships, relationship difficulties, bullying or change in family life.

    Sometimes your child may have a child health condition, like chronic fatigue, pain, or developmental difficulties.