Care Home Effective Support Service – CHESS

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    The Care Home Effective Support Service CHESS

    Developed from a pilot scheme, which was nationally recognised in 2008, the service aims to support  older people in care homes in a wide range of healthcare aspects.  The team offer weekly clinics in care homes, telephone advice and support to care home staff.  The nurses within the team have clinical assessment skills to be able to diagnose and treat episodes of acute ill health in the care home.  The nurses will support the care home staff in care planning to reduce where possible inappropriate hospital admissions.  Also the nurses will offer guidance in advanced care planning discussions.

    How to access our service

    The care homes that the teams currently support have been identified by GPs, or the Clinical Commissioning Groups in the area.  Any resident within these identified homes can be referred to the service.  Referrals can come from the GP, the care home staff, family and the patient themselves.

    How to contact us

    Telephone - 01772 777329

    Patient Information Leaflets

    With our leaflets we aim to give you information about the Trust in general, our services and treatments, and to provide useful information for service users and their carers.

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