Raising Cancer Awareness

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    Raising Cancer Awareness

    Cancer is a common condition; it is the second commonest cause of death in East Lancashire.  Many deaths could be prevented by early diagnosis. National Public Health data demonstrates a strong link between the late presentation of cancer symptoms and areas of high deprivation. 

    About Us
    The Health Improvement Service has been commissioned to co-ordinate the “Communities against Cancer” Project across East Lancashire. 

    The Project’s main objectives are:-

    • To raise awareness and educate people about earlier recognition of the symptoms of breast, bowel and lung cancer.
    • To reach 80% of the adult population in East Lancashire over the next 3 years.
    • To contribute to the early presentation of symptoms of breast, bowel and lung cancer in Primary Care, leading to reduction in related mortality rates.
    • To contribute to reducing health inequalities in East Lancashire by identifying and, as a priority, targeting groups who are at highest risk of contracting these cancers, and who are least likely to present with symptoms.
    • To optimize opportunities to deliver messages through existing networks, groups, partners, staff and volunteers to achieve a whole community approach.

    Key Areas of Work
    The project aims to address health inequalities using community development approaches both to raise awareness of the need for change and to enable communities to lead the change supported by professionals and key community members.

    Locality teams comprising of over 40 trained community volunteers and partners have been established in each of the 5 districts of East Lancashire. Each team works within its targeted area to engage with members of the community to raise awareness of cancer signs and symptoms, to encourage early presentation at GP surgeries
    and to promote uptake of screening programmes.

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    Bowel Screening
    Breast Screening
    Volunteering with Communities against Cancer
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    Contact Us
    For all related enquiries please contact:

    Alison Rushton
    Health Improvement Specialist
    Email: alison.rushton@lancashirecare.nhs.uk
    P: Health Improvement Service | Hyndburn Locality Offices | Accrington Victoria Community Hospital | Haywood Road | Accrington | BB5 6AS
    T: 01254 358026

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