Dementia Unit (Wordsworth & Bronte Wards)

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    Dementia Unit (Wordsworth & Bronte Wards)

    The Dementia Units will deliver a full range of service functions for assessment within a modern person-centred environment for people with moderate to severe dementia.

    The ultimate aim of this service is to provide care which will enable a person to live their life to their full potential in the most appropriate environment. This will be achieved through the provision of a safe therapeutic environment for the assessment and treatment of people with moderate to severe dementias.

    All care will be delivered by an experienced team of multidisciplinary staff through a holistic model which will focus on person centred care and maintenance of living skills. The privacy and dignity of the individual will be central to care at all times.

    Roles & Function

    The ward will provide 24 hour on-going assessment, treatment and care to people who have Dementia, involving relatives, carers and friends to suit the needs of each individual.

    It will consist of one male and one female ward, each with 15 beds per unit.

    Activities will be provided on the ward which may be for males or females alone or be mixed.

    Physical Healthcare

    Physical Healthcare includes a preventative and promotional element as well as dealing with existing physical conditions.