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    News, Events & Training

    Within this page you will find details of any news, upcoming events and press releases regarding research within the Trust and the training available to both staff and service users.  


    Be on the TEAM - TEenagers Against Meningitis:  The Trust's R&D Department is working with colleges across the North West to vaccinate Year 12 students with Meningitis B vaccine.  The researchers are hoping to discover whether vaccination at age 16 will reduce the number of cases by reducing MenB carriage in teenagers.  The colleges working in partnership with us are Accrington and Rossendale, Burnley, Nelson and Colne, Hutton Sixth Form College and Cardinal Newman - for more information contact the Research Department.  

    LSCFT R&D - Highest Recruiting Care Trust in England and Wales

    The Trust has the highest recruitment levels for all Care Trusts in England and Wales (see graph below), as at the end of November 2018, achieving the yearly target set by North West Coast Clinical Research Network.  This success is due to the partnerships developed by the R&D Department with Universities, other Trusts and Commercial companies, who work closely in providing opportunies for our patients and service users across the North West.



    We are very proud to say that passion for Research is high on the agenda of our team and in particular, Katie Sinnott and Kerry Ward have decided to make a project of promoting Research as part of the NIHR Leadership Training course they are undertaking.  Both Katie and Kerry are experienced Clinical Research Nurses, specialising in background in Mental Health and Dementia.  They have developed the campaign locally known as 'Get the Research Bug' and will be sharing this nationally via the NIHR with the aim of promoting Research nationally.






    Trust Research Team Top Performer!

    The dedicated work of the the Trust's Research team has been acknowledged in the recently published results of the National Institute for Health Research League Tables for 2017/18.  The Trust’s team was number two in the national League table for Care Trusts in volume of research, beating Trusts from London, Birmingham and Leeds. (see table below and NIHR link)

    In order to achieve such outstanding level of work, the team is involved with a broad spectrum of trials across all the Networks – including Mental Health, Rheumatology, Learning Disabilities, Sexual Health and Secure Services. Research isn’t always a science fiction type scenario - recruits may simply need to fill in a questionnaire online.  

    The Trust is also involved in some cutting edge studies – there are several Alzheimer’s trials under way at this time, with our patients having the opportunity to receive treatments that are not available within the NHS. And, following the results of a recent study, changes in practice to support people with learning disabilities who have experienced severe depression are under way.

    There are always opportunities for staff who are keen to expand their knowledge and experience in research and the department is keen to expand their portfolio. If you would like to be involved in Research with the Trust, please contact the Research Office on 01772 773498 for more information.

    OK to ask campaign - The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) aim to raise awareness amongst the public and the NHS about research trials, whether they are clinical drug trials or interventional research. 

    In 2015 the NIHR launched a specific campaign called ‘ok to ask’ which aims to encourage service users and the public to approach medical staff and ask them about research opportunities, have questions answered and find out about their local research departments where more advice can be given.

    Further details can be found on their website.




    The following training is available to researchers. Please contact us at or Tel: 01772 773498 if you need more information.