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    Frequently Asked Questions - Administration Queries

    These questions have been compiled from frequent queries we get to the advice line.  Please click on the question to reveal the answer.

    I need a new prescription, how do I get it?

    Most of your medication will be given by your GP.  If we advise you to start a new medication then we will write to your GP and ask them to prescribe it to you.  If we are starting a medication where you need to attend for drug education then we will give you the first prescription for a month’s supply, and then you will need to contact your GP for further prescriptions. 

    Sometimes GPs ask us to prescribe certain medication and if this is the case and you need a repeat prescription we will ask you to phone us on 01772 777090 at least 5 days before your prescription runs out.

    There are some injectable medications that are only prescribed by the Rheumatology team.  Various healthcare companies deliver these and the company normally sends us an alert when a prescription is due.  If there are any problems with the delivery and supply of these drugs you need to contact the advice line.

    What number do I contact if I have a question about my appointment?

    Please call our reception team on 01772 777600.