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    Frequently Asked Questions - Occupational Therapy Queries

    These questions have been compiled from frequent queries we get to the advice line.  Please click on the question to reveal the answer.

    What does an occupational therapist do and how can I access one?

    An Occupational Therapist, or OT, is a health professional that specializes in the assessment and treatment of various conditions that limit a person's ability to do everyday things for themselves. They help you to carry on doing the things that are important to you.  The consultant or specialist nurse will refer you to the OT if they feel that you would benefit from seeing them. 

    The following services are provided by the OT:

    - assessment of daily tasks including advice on personal care techniques
    - hand assessment
    - splints and aids
    - advice on joint protection and fatigue management
    - advice on taking care of your joints
    - advice on relaxation and coping with stress
    - advice about work to see if there are any changes that can be made to make things easier for you.

    If appropriate the OT may make arrangements to visit your home.

    You will be referred to an OT via your consultant or specialist nurse and after that first visit, you can contact them via the telephone number, which will be provided to you.

    Where can I buy assistive gadgets or small aids?

    There are a lot of places that sell things that will help you with day to day tasks and there are a wide range of aids for you to choose from. The most common ones we are asked about are bottle/jar and tin openers and wide handled cutlery. We do have a selection that you might want to try before buying from a retailer.
    You can also buy equipment from a lot of other places for example.

    The internet:

    Shops :
    Millercare Preston - Tel 0800 377 7576
    Mobility Smart Ltd - Tel 0800 567 7222

    Where can I get mobility aids and larger equipment?

    If you need equipment such as simple toileting and bathing aids this can be provided by your occupational therapist. You will need an appointment to decide what type of equipment you need.

    If the equipment you need is more complex you will need to be referred to Social Services. You can refer yourself on 0845 0530009.

    How can I get replacement splints?

    If you are under the care of one of our rheumatology consultants and have been given splints/braces before and need replacements, please contact our occupational therapist on 01772 777557.

    What should I do about returning to work?

    There is a lot of information available about returning to work on the following websites.


    If you would like further help and advice please discuss with your OT, GP or health professional.