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    Frequently Asked Questions - Physiotherapy Queries

    These questions have been compiled from frequent queries we get to the advice line.  Please click on the question to reveal the answer.

    What exercises should I be doing?

    You must keep your body moving, and not doing this is harmful to the tissues in and around the joints. So to help your joints move more and for longer, you should stay active.

    Motivation is a key issue. Often we are positive about starting a new type of exercise only to give up after a few weeks. The important thing is to set goals that you can meet, do exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly. You may find that your goals change as your condition changes; this is perfectly normal.

    You should try to do 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. If however you are aching or feeling more sore than when you started, you need to change the amount of time that you do exercise for.

    You can find some exercises to do on the arthritis research UK website or in the leaflets available from the Minerva Health Centre.

    Should I continue to do exercises when I am having a flare up?

    You should continue gentle exercise to help keep your joint range of movement but you need to make sure you rest as well as exercise.  For advice about how to manage a flare, see the response to “What should I do when I have a flare up?”