Trust Board Committees

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    Trust Board Committees

    Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust's Board of Directors is made up of Executive Directors Non-Executive Directors, including the Chair. 

    Together, the Board of Directors provide effective leadership within a Corporate Governance Structure made up of Committees and Sub-Committees to receive assurance and ensure that the Trust is providing safe, high quality, patient-centred care.

    The Board of Directors meet on a monthly basis to discuss key issues within the Trust, and review assurance, through the relevant committees, that the Trust is delivering the strategic objective's set out in the Trust's plan.

    The Committees are chaired by the Trusts various Non-Executive Directors to ensure that appropriate scrutiny is applied to key activities within the Trust

    The Board of Directors has established the following Board level Committees:

    • Audit Committee
    • Nomination/Remuneration Committee
    • Quality Committee
    • Finance & Performance Committee

    Audit Committee

    The Audit Committee is a formal committee of the Board of Directors and has been established to support them in their responsibilities for issues of risk, control and governance and associated assurance. The Committee's activities will cover the whole of the organisations governance agenda, including finance, risk and clinical audit. The committee is responsible for overseeing the organisations systems and controls in place to mitigate risk, and will receive assurance on the effectiveness of the Trust's internal controls.

    The Audit Committee oversees the Trusts Year-End reporting arrangements including the review of the Annual Report and Accounts.

    The Audit Committee membership consists of four Non-Executive Directors and can be seen below. The Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer have standing invitation to attend all meetings and in addition members of the senior management team, internal audits and external auditors attend as appropriate to the agenda.

    The Audit Committee meets on a quarterly basis.

    The Audit Committee is required to report annually to the Board of Directors and to the Council of Governors outlining the work it has undertaken during the year and where necessary highlights any areas of concern. This report can be viewed here. The Board of Directors also receives a regular report from Audit Committee following each meeting and these can be viewed within the Board packs.

    The terms of reference for the Audit Committee  can be viewed here .

    Nomination/Remuneration Committee (Board of Directors)

    The Board of Directors Nomination/Remuneration Committee is constituted as a standing Ccmmittee of the Board of Directors, with its membership made up of Non-Executive Directors. It is responsible for identifying and appointing candidates to fill Executive Director positions on the Board of Directors and for determining their remuneration and other conditions of service.

    The terms of reference for the Nomination/Remuneration Committee can be viewed here.

    Quality Committee

    The People & Quality Committee is an established formal committee of the Board of Directors and its purpose is to provide assurance to the Board through the robust testing of quality assurance provided by Trust management and the monitoring of strategic level risks around fhe quality of care provided by the organisation, patient safety and patient experience, the effective education, training and leadership opportunities and the recruitment and retention of high quality staff.

    The Terms of Reference for the Quality Committee can be viewed here.

    Finance & Performance Committee

    The Finance & Performance Committee is a formal committee and its purpose is to support the Board of Directors by providing scrutiny into financial and performance data and have oversight of the progress made against key projects within the organisation. It will also consider the impact of these key pieces of work on the long-term sustainability of the Trust. The responsibility to scrutinise the detail of the Trust's financial and performance information remains with the Board of Directors

    The Terms of Reference for the Finance & Performance Committee can be viewed here.