A Chat with Caroline

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On this page you can find the latest "A Chat with Caroline" along with the timings for the contents and also a copy of the questions, which are at the foot of this page.

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With Caroline this week are Louisa Swift (Head of Operations, South Cumbria) alongside Jo Johnston and Alison Napier. The topic this week is South Cumbria.

This week's update - 00:32

South Cumbria
Jo Johnston - 02:35
Louisa Swift - 03:05
Alison Napier - 03:25

Question 1 Southport & Formby - 04:50
Question 2 Carbon Reduction Plan - 07:20

South Cumbria
Jo Johnston - 08:10
Alison Napier - 11:32
Louisa Swift - 14:10
On-boarding Events Feedback - 15:42
LiA Events - 16:45

Question 3 South Cumbria Locality Based - 17:20
Thank you - 20:00

Your Questions

Question 1

Can I ask where Merseyside figures in your organisation as the patients in S & F live in Merseyside and not Lancashire or Cumbria. Once again it feels like we are the forgotten part of the Trust.

We have changed our name for South Cumbria as the ICS that we are a part of is Lancashire and South Cumbria and also because the Cumbria Partnership Trust no longer exists. These are the reasons that we have changed our name and hadn't previously when we took on services outside of our geography. NTW has taken over services in North Cumbria and have changed their name to reflect this. This does not mean the teams in Southport and Formby are not valued, you are a very part of the services we provide.

Question 2

Given the recent focus on climate change and the NHS commitment to the Carbon reduction strategy 2009 do we know how LCFT is helping to cut back on emissions? Is there for example a strategy for achieving goals?

We do have a carbon reduction strategy and plan. It is going to be more challenging with the addition of Cumbria and the details of this will be on our website once published.

Question 3

I think staff are mostly quite enthusiastic about the future organisation, but at the same time concerned about what we might lose in CPFT. We were localities then went to networks with some great improvements, going back to localities has lot of logic and potential but the developments through networks should be held onto if possible.

We absolutely mustn't lose whats good and moving forward we will be moving into an ICP locality based structure. We need to work in local communities and keep the best of everything that's been done in South Cumbria.