A Chat with Caroline

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    With Caroline this time are Tom Poulter (Deputy Director of Health Informatics), Ayesha Rahim (Deputy Medical Director/Chief Clinical Information Officer), Sharon O'Connor (Chief Nursing Information Officer) and Phil Horner (Head of Business Intelligence).


    Introductions - 00:28
    CQC - 00:47
    Smokefree - 01:38
    Vacancies - 01:55
    Mental Health - 02:56
    Rehabilitation Pathways - 03:28
    Learning Disability - 04:02
    Staff Survey - 04:52
    People and Culture Committee - 05:50
    Pass it on Event - 06:11
    Coronavirus - 06:33
    Staff Awards - 07:09
    Digital Discussion and Introductions - 07:43
    Question 1 - 18:55

    Question 1

    West Lancs CAMHS piloted the Dragon digital dictation software, the evaluation showed significantly reduced admin burden on clinicians, reduced errors and increased staff morale. Other teams have heard about this and would very much like to be able to use this themselves. Are there plans for a wider roll out?