A Chat with Caroline

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On this page you can find the latest "Chat with Caroline" along with the timings for the contents and also a copy of the questions, which are at the foot of this page.

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With Caroline this week is Laura Walsh (Interim Deputy Head of Operations for Mental Health Network & Operational Lead for LiA Workstream) and Laura Holdcroft (Clinical Lead for Listening into Action)


Introductions - 00:00
CQC visit at The Harbour – 00:25
Rehabilitation beds - 01:50
Expecting CQC visit for MH acute wards - 02:20
New Commissioner - 02:47
Executive team meetings - 03:13
Locality Structure - 03:57
Vision and Values - 04:44
HSJ funding - 06:00
Flu campaign – 06:40
Celebrations and Awards - 07:30
Three priorities discussion – 09:45
Safety huddle – 16:40


Will the blame culture that currently exists in LCSFT ever be eradicated? – 18:10

Clinical governments and de-risking are essential, how can we cut justifying cutting corners in relation to this? As it delays for example digital improvements, health, IT etc? – 21:20

Can you please confirm you are aware of the seven principles of public office/ life? They are normally on the gov.uk website, all public servants and officials are bound to adhere to them, can you tell us how often staff are reminded of these principles? – 22:57

Pyshcoligcal safety and staff feeling safe to say the truth without fear of reprisals or being put on a project need a lot of work? – 24:10

We are still hierarchally driven, how do more junior members of staff challenge poor behaviours when observes these from more senior members of staff? – 25:15