A Chat with Caroline

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On this page you can find the latest "Chat with Caroline" along with the timings for the contents and also a copy of the questions, which are at the foot of this page.

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With Caroline this week are Russell Patton, Director of Operations, Louise Giles, Head of Service Transformation, Dawn Fearn, Manager for the Hub and Integrated Discharge Team and Alison Mellor, Service Manager.

Intro - 00:20
Listening into Action - 00:40
Flu Jab reminder - 01:50
Staff Survey - 02:50
Clinical strategy Workshop - 03:36
Clinical Pathway Redesign - 04:02

Question 1 - 16:34 - Will there be any further workshops in the future and where?

Closing comments - 18:50

Your Questions

Some of the questions were received for this chat but unfortunately we didn't have time to respond in the live chat. The additional question is answered in the section below.

Question 1

Will there be any further workshops in the future and where?

Yes, we have the initial list, each of the pathways will have a number of workshops to make sure that the pathway is designed. This is just a starter for ten. If further time or workshops are needed we can arrange this.

Access - 2 to 4 December
Assessment - 9 to 11 December
Psychosis - 7 to 9 January
Non-psychosis - 13 to 16 January
Cognitive - 20 to 22 January

Question 2

Will there be a recording of this webinar available?

Yes, the chats are all available on demand and can be accessed via this link.