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    Image Caroline Donovan

    Hi all, Caroline here,

    This is my first CEO Blog - hope you like it. As I have started regular 'Chats with Caroline', I thought it would be helpful to also write a blog as there is so much going on that I want to tell you about.

    Hopefully, you are finding the live chat with the opportunity to ask questions useful. I am certainly enjoying hearing from you. I'd really like your ideas and thoughts on future themes for the chats - what is it that would interest you the most? The next one, 28 August 2019, will focus on Listening into Action and I'll have the team with me. So please prepare to join in and share your ideas.

    The 12 LiA themes are here. LIA affects the whole Trust - all the networks, all our staff, so please get involved.

    Screen grab of Caroline Donovan delivering a Learn Live session
    Guild Park at night

    As ever, I've been out and about this week and enjoyed a great visit to Guild Park. I met some really fantastic staff and thoroughly enjoyed my time with you (though I'd like to have stayed longer). Thank you so much - I look forward to returning and staying a bit longer!

    Many of you will be aware, particularly if you are in the mental health network, we have really been focusing on our Improvement plan.  Following the recent CQC visit, we brought forward our plan for closure of the Mental Health Decision Units (MHDU) whilst continuing to increase staffing in liaison, crisis and home treatment, and community teams. Blackpool MHDU has already closed with those in Preston and Blackburn closing before mid October.

    I'd like to thank everyone who is working so flexibly at the moment and with such commitment to rapid improvement. Thank you also to the staff in our services for CAMHS inpatients, and our Dental services. Both received very positive endorsement  by the CQC while they were here and I'm looking forward to what they have to say in their formal report.

    The Cove in Heysham
    Dentists doing a procedure

    Sticking with CQC, Our next Engage event is on 3rd September and will focus on the outcome of our recent inspection and our response. Engage is a really important aspect of our leadership development this forum will provide a very useful opportunity to include a significant number of key people in the plans to ensure we are clear about what needs to be done when, so that our response to the inspection is effective and beneficial to our service users and carers.

    Finally, I am delighted that we are successful at attracting staff, but we need more! Why not recommend a friend? Then they can share in in the satisfaction we will all feel when LSCFT makes the required improvements, progresses to 'good' and from there to 'outstanding'. No prizes or commission I'm afraid, but you'll be doing a great thing if you can boost our numbers.

    That's it for this week folks, until the next time...