Changes to patient visitors

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    Changes to patient visitors

    The health, safety and wellbeing, of our patients, communities and teams across the organisation remain our absolute priority. As a result, in line with national guidance, visiting has been suspended until further notice.

    There are some exceptional circumstances where one visitor, an immediate family member or carer, will be permitted to visit.

    Additional Visitor Guidance relating to Care of the Dying during COVID-19

    Please contact the ward or department in advance to discuss this and make any appropriate arrangements.

    Please find other ways of keeping in touch with your loved ones in hospital, like phone and video calls.

    All visits to patients must be pre-agreed with the nurse in charge and would be limited to one hour and to people from the patient's household or social bubble.

    Visitors entering wards will be asked to wear Personal Protective Equipment, hands must be washed before and after the visit and two metre social distancing observed throughout.

    Please note: this is a guide and arrangements within units may vary. Arrangements could be subject to change.

    If you visit any of our locations

    It's important to follow the latest guidance to stay safe and help keep others safe too.