Clinical Health Psychology

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Clinical Health Psychology

The Clinical Health Psychology service assists patients with adjusting to and coping with illness and disability.  We also work with staff teams to help them provide the best possible emotional care for their patients.

We provide a range of services including one to one therapy and groups which aim to support people to reach their emotional and wellbeing goals.

Psychologists do not prescribe medicine, we work with patients to understand what is important to them and help them find ways to achieve the changes they want to make.

People are referred to our service by GP’s, specialist nurses and consultant medics.

Referring into the service

Psychological Care of Patients with Long term conditions, Cancer, and in Palliative Care
The Clinical Health Psychology Service of Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust provides a range of services and training to enable patients to live well despite long term health conditions. Our one to one, group and training interventions are all evidence based and have excellent outcomes and patient satisfaction. 

The Team
Dr Dominic Bray - Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Head of Service; Cancer & Palliative Care
Dr Jen Unwin - Consultant Clinical Psychologist; Long Term Conditions
Dr Becky Simm - Principal Clinical Psychologist; Chronic Pain, Stroke
Dr Suzi Curtis - Principal Clinical Psychologist; Long term Conditions, West Lancs Stroke
Ms Ruth Dark - Psychological Therapist; Long Term Conditions
Mrs Sandie Chalmers - Administrator
Mrs Sue Kelly - Administrator

Current accepted sources of referrals 

  • Long term conditions - Southport and Formby GP’s (i.e. North Sefton)
  • Pain - GP’s, Community Pain Management and Acute Trust Pain Team (North Sefton)
  • Stroke - Stroke Ward SDGH and Ward A ODGH rehab team. Stroke consultant and specialist nurses (North Sefton and West Lancs patients), Community Neuro Rehab Team - (SCHWB and W Lancs), GP’s (North Sefton and W Lancs)
  • Cancer/Palliative Care - Specialist Nurses, Consultants and other MDT Colleagues, GP’s in Southport & Formby.


Current referral criteria

Patients who are experiencing psychological difficulties as a consequence of a long term physical illness (for example, stroke, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis, ME, chronic fatigue, non-epileptic attack disorder, vertigo, IBS)
Patients who are experiencing psychological difficulties as a consequence of cancer or are in palliative care services
This service does not replace referrals to services provided by psychologists working for Mersey Care in South Sefton, Access Sefton,  North Sefton , or Lancashire Care in West Lancs.

To maximise our limited service resources, we do not offer home visits as standard procedure. If there is no way the patient can attend an outpatient appointment with us, a home visit may be offered, on a case by case basis as appropriate. Telephone appointments may also be offered, again on a case by case basis.

Contacting the service

Clinical Health Psychology
5 Curzon Road

Tel:  01704 387252/387253
Fax: 01704 387687