Musculoskeletal Service Frequently Asked Questions

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    Musculoskeletal Service Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions?

    MSK conditions affect the joints, bones and muscles. There are more than 200 MSK conditions. They affect 1 in 4 adults in the UK and account for over 25% of surgical interventions in the NHS.

    What is an Extended Scope Practitioner (ESP)?

    An ESP is a clinical physiotherapist with specialist training, qualifications and experience; as such they are able to work outside of the usual scope of Physiotherapy practice. This may include requesting investigations e.g. MRI scans, administering an injection or referring onward to another service or clinician.

    What can I expect at my appointment?

    Your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. In this time your ESP will take an in depth history of your injury or condition from you. They will then thoroughly assess the area before discussing the findings with you and talking through the various treatment and management options available to you. This shared decision making is highly important to us and want to involve you in the process every step of the way. This can then help you to truly make an informed decision and remain fully involved in your care and ongoing management.

    On leaving your appointment you should be satisfied that you have had your diagnosis clearly explained. Options for ongoing management should be outlined with you being involved in the decision making process and happy with management plan.

    What should I wear?

    To enable a full and thorough assessment your ESP may ask you to remove an item of clothing or expose the injured/effected area. If you’re not comfortable in doing so this of course is not a problem however may limit the extent and reliability of the assessment.

    It is recommended that you wear loose clothing appropriate items for the area affected e.g. a vest top for a neck or shorts for a knee.

    Where will my appointment take place?

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