Privacy, Confidentiality and Security

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    Privacy, Confidentiality and Security

    Current Data Protection law focuses on the privacy and protection of personal data. There are very strict rules regarding confidentiality and security of the data we collect and use. 

    What you say to your clinician is confidential within the team, but it is often helpful for your clinician to discuss your case with other members of the team, as evidence shows that shared management can be an effective approach for pain.

    We write notes after your appointments in your clinical notes which are also accessed by the team. Your notes may be both electronic and held as a paper record.  The organisation assures you that your record will be kept safe and secure at all times.  

    It is also usual for us to communicate to your referrer and your General Practitioner a summary of each appointment and any plans for further treatment. Should you have any concerns about any of this or wish to make a request to view or receive a copy of the information we hold about you, please speak with your clinician.

    A copy of the Trust's Privacy Notice and Privacy information can be found at