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    Ken Lowe
    First Term
    01/02/2018 - 31/01/2021

    Ken has worked for various large international companies in the UK and overseas as a Project Manager and for the last 10 years in employment as an OD (Organisation & Development) consultant. After taking the golden parachute Ken then operated as an independent OD consultant for a further 10 years in business process improvement in the UK and the Middle East. Ken’s background and first degree was in human and comparative physiology and anatomy. A module in brain, biology and behaviour led him to his BSc (Hons) in cognitive and social psychology and he has used that as his framework in OD.

    Born in Scotland in 1947, Ken has worked and lived in several countries.  Whilst living in Nigeria, Ken and his wife decided that they no longer wished to work for someone else and in 1999 chose to move to Ainsdale-on-Sea.

    When much younger, Ken played handball at international level and a fair amount of squash and badminton. Golf was something that Ken started at an early age, but wasn’t something he continued. Ken’s wife is a scratch golfer, so he caddies for her and gets vicarious enjoyment from golf.

    Since retiring 8 years ago, Ken volunteers for the RNLI and Meals on Wheels for Ainsdale Community Care. Ken is the Sefton Healthwatch Locality representative for Birkdale and Ainsdale and a member of the steering group. He is also the Chair of the Southport & Formby Champions Forum where he receives regular contact and updates from various voluntary groups and from service providers including LSCFT. At Healthwatch, Ken is actively involved in Enter and View of health and social care providers in Sefton.