Community Mental Health Transformation Programme

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    Community Mental Health Transformation Programme

    Mental health services that are available in the community to support people with severe mental illness are improving. As part of the NHS Long Term Plan and learning from patients, carers, staff and stakeholders and experiences through COVID-19, we have ambitious plans to transform community mental health services for adults and older adults across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

    Why do we need to change?

    People with severe mental illness need quicker and better access to services and support, close to the places and people that can help them get better and stay well (their community).

    People across Lancashire and South Cumbria don't always have the same access to support, and there is not enough specialist support for some conditions. This needs to change.

    So we are transforming the mental health services that are available in the community to support people with severe mental illness.

    We will develop a new community mental health way of working and modernise community mental health services across the Lancashire and South Cumbria, taking into account the particular needs of our communities. Our new model will focus on supporting people living in their communities with long term severe mental illness.


    What we are trying to achieve

    We want to make both community and inpatient services work together so that you get the right care and support as you need it. By making sure everyone is offered core care and treatment options, choice and flexibility, we can really make life better for our service users and carers.

    These ambitions will be supported by investment into our community mental health services under the NHS Long Term Plan.

    Our aims are:

    Easy and fair access to services
    Mental health services 'wrapped around' you, ensuring access to care that is tailored to your needs and delivered close to home

    No more gaps
    Seamless ways to move between services, providing you with continual care

    Better community support
    Working in partnership with you, your GP and voluntary and community organisations to support you and your community's wellbeing

    Better reintroduction to services
    Simplified access to services after finishing treatment (if needed) to avoid you having to 'retell your story'

    Reduced waiting times
    A holistic, personalised plan of care within four weeks of assessment


    How it will work

    Everyone who lives in the Lancashire and South Cumbria with will have fair access to mental health services that are sensitive to their individual needs and experiences and the needs of our communities.

    When you need help there will be one simple way to access mental health services (single point of access). This will be the same for you and anyone you go to for help (your doctor, hospital or care staff, community, carers and more).

    You will have a named mental health worker who will remain your key contact and who will help you access the right services and support for you (health, care and voluntary support).

    You will receive personalised care and support from people who have a range of skills and experience. Although they may belong to different health, care and voluntary organisations they will work together as one team to support you.

    If, after being discharged from treatment, you need to ask for more help you will be able to contact your named mental health worker. This means you will avoid having to 'retell your story', and waiting for assessment and care.


    How we will do it

    We are changing how we work to help you recover sooner and stay well by:

    • Recruiting more frontline workers to ensure everyone can access the right care at the right time
    • Creating new multi-agency teams to deliver wraparound care that meets your mental health, physical health and social needs including support with housing, employment and substance use
    • Making it easier to access care by delivering most services in your local community
    • Providing treatment much earlier to help you recover sooner and ongoing support to help you manage your condition and stay well
    • Giving you greater control over your care and using new technology to make sure you don’t need to tell your story over and over
    • Focusing strongly on prevention and improving mental health and wellbeing in partnership with communities, local government and other agencies.


    How this will help...

    ...our services and the support we give

    • Services will have no divides or thresholds, and resources will be shared and delivered in partnership with voluntary organisations.
    • Improved communication and confidence will enhance everyone's experience.
    • Our community services will be wrapped around local GPs with larger, more responsive community teams who know your local area and the services available to support you

    ...our patients, service users and their carers

    • People will be supported to live a better life with a focus on treatment, recovery and choice.
    • Care will be proactive, early, joined-up, uncomplicated, personalised and consistent; helping to prevent relapse and crisis.
    • We can reduce the length of time people spend in our inpatient units discharging them back into their community to be supported by teams with extra resources to support you close to home

     ...our staff and the people we work with

    • Everyone will experience reduced complication and stronger working relationships.
    • There will be more time to provide help and more opportunity to influence.
    • There will be better communication, easier access to services and clear information on where service users are in their journey.


    Our approach to making change

    We are talking to our partners in the health and care system, people who have lived experience and our staff about how we could change community mental health services, and listened to what they think needs to change.

    We have also learnt from what other organisations are doing well.

    We are at an early stage of our plans and we want our communities, partners, patients, service users, carers and staff to get involved in making radical change.

    Change that will benefit people who live in the Lancashire and South Cumbria; you, your family, your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues, your community.

    Transforming community mental health care takes time. This new approach will be rolled out in every primary care network over three years in consultation with service users, carers, local communities, health and care partners and others.