Your First Appointment with our Service

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    What will happen at my first appointment?

    You can access our service if your GP is based in the Central Lancashire area. Your GP or any Moving Well clinician within the Rheumatology or MSK services can refer you to the Community pain service. Once we have received the  referral letter we will offer you an appointment with a member of the pain team or a group introductory day to the service.. This may be a face to face appointment or a telehealth consultation.

    To get the most out of your first appointment take some time to consider the following

    • What are you hoping to get out of attending the community pain service.
    • Under what circumstances did your pain start?
    • How has it changed over time?
    • What investigations or treatments have you had for your pain?
    • How does the pain feel and how does it behave? What triggers the pain and what eases the pain.
    • What do you believe to be the cause of your pain?
    • How is your general health?
    • List all your medications including the dosage and frequency of all medications.
    • You may require a physical examination. Please wear clothes that are comfortable to wear and easy mobilise in.

    If you are sent pain questionnaires please complete them and send back before your appointment. If you are sent information videos please watch them.

    Your clinician will inform you about  the treatment options available. They will discuss the pros and cons of each intervention. Finally we will support you in making the decision that it right for you.