Confidentiality Policy

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    Confidentiality Policy

    The Wellbeing, Mental health helpline and texting service is an anonymous and confidential service however some exceptions to confidentiality may apply.

    Everything you discuss with a helpline operator will be confidential unless one of the following statements apply:

    1. If the operator has reason to believe that a caller is actively suicidal or in imminent danger of inflicting serious self-harm.
    2. They have reason to believe that a person is about to inflict or is about to have inflicted upon them, physical harm.
    3. If an illegal act to a minor is about to or has already taken place.
    4. If there is likely to be a breach of the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

    In these cases we may have to inform an appropriate organisation or contact the emergency services.

    Where operators believe confidentiality needs to be breached, on the basis of the above exceptions, they will remind the caller AT THE EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY of the relevant exception to the confidentiality policy.