Consenting To Treatment

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    Consenting to treatment

    It is a general legal and ethical principle that we must seek and obtain your informed consent before starting any treatment or physical investigation, or providing personal care to you. 

    This principle reflects your right to determine what happens to your own body and is a fundamental part of good practice.

    Being able to make an informed choice and then giving your consent rely on two things: US providing you with accurate, up to date information about what your treatment (or tests) will involve and YOU being able to understand the information at the time and make your choice based what it tells you.

    Sometimes this is less straightforward to do than it may seem.

    If you want to know more about what it all means and the approach we take, you can read our Consent to Examination and Treatment Policy which explains in more detail.

    Here are some other easy to read leaflets about Consent and having the capacity to make informed treatment choices. These are provided by Please click on the image above to access them.