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    Our committed and enthusiastic staff are continually looking at ways to improve patient care. One of the outcomes that we are aiming for is to ensure that people have a great experience of our services and one of the ways that we will achieve this is by sharing our skills and knowledge in the organisation.

    The Trust is delighted to share some of the innovative ideas being practiced around the Trust.

    CQUIN Success

    A big congratulations to The Early Intervention Service who have achieved excellent results in the 2015/16 Physical Health Care CQUIN for service users with first episode psychosis.

    The service has developed training for their STR workers in clinical skills and a physical health care work book which will be available to all staff in the very near future. The training aims to improve knowledge around physical health and promote healthy lifestyles, screening and interventions.

    Alongside this, EIS have developed a clinical pathway which incorporates physical health monitoring requirements, care planning, physical health tools, templates and NICE guidelines. The pathway also provides staff with advice on where to record all service user physical health information using the physical health module in ECR and other relevant areas. A launch of the new pathway is commencing for all EIS staff over the next few weeks.

    Acute Therapy Services North Lancs

    The Acute Therapy Service for North Lancs (ATS North) opened its doors at the Stadium, Seasiders Way in Blackpool on April 6th 2016 and follows on from the innovative and successful work of Phil Winnard, Service Manager and Angela O’Brien, Clinical Psychologist who developed the first ATS service in West Lancs.  The idea came from the need to reduce bed use by preventing, where possible, inpatient stays or by supporting early discharge.  To achieve this Phil and Angela designed a safe, effective and containing therapeutic alternative in a community setting that would complement and support mental health professionals in preventing admissions and facilitating early discharge from hospital.  

    ATS North serves the population of Lancashire in partnership with ATS service in West Lancs.  Referrals into the service, for clients in the age 16 to 65 age group, come from crisis teams, inpatient wards, assessments teams and community mental health teams.  ATS North will prioritise clients who would remain on an inpatient unit without their involvement or those clients who the Crisis Teams consider may require an inpatient admission in the near future. 

    This permanently funded service operates Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, clients who sign a contract promising to attend for a minimum of 5 days, attend the service from 9.15am to 4.30pm with an early finish of 3.30pm on a Wednesday.  

    Support out of hours and at weekends is available through the services already in place throughout the network. 

    The service offers a structured psychological therapy programme guided by DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) principles.  Clients start and end the day with a group meeting.  The timetable includes mandatory sessions on goal setting, Mindfulness, States of Mind, developing crisis skills, social inclusion and emotional regulation.  The service also provides one to one sessions on relaxation, self-soothe and social inclusion.

    The ATS North team is back row Karen Durkin Nurse & DBT Therapist and Debbie Okpah, Health and Wellbeing Support Worker.

    Seated left to right Libby Betts, Team Manager, Claire Horner, Team Leader and Rebecca McKenna, Nurse.

    The team also includes Sharon Briggs, Health and Wellbeing Support Worker, Natalie Wild, Occupational Therapist and Helen Baker, Administrator. In the coming weeks they will be joined by Katherine Garrigan, Occupational Therapist and Amy Dobson, Holistic Therapist.