Fact sheets for South Cumbria

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    Cumbria Fact Sheets

    MH002- Mental Health Home Treatment
    MH003- Access and Liaison Integration Service (ALIS)
    MH004- AMAZE Early Intervention
    MH005 - Inpatient - Mental Health Services
    MH009- First Step Military Veterans
    MH014- First Step Farming Community1
    MH017- Delerium Service Reach Out - Sta
    MH018- Delerium Service Reach Out - Carers
    MH019- Easthome Treatment - Video Edit
    MH020- Suicide in Older Adults
    MH022- Mentalization Based Treatment
    MH024- Decider Skills Grou
    MH025- Revised Structural Clinical Management
    MH026- Perinatal Community MH
    MH027 - First Step Insomnia
    MH029 - First Step Emplyment Support
    MH030 - CAHMS - Experiences of Inpatient Mental Health Services
    MH031 - CAHMS - Inpatient Mental Health
    MH032 - Perinatal First Ste