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    Our vision story so far

    In 2015, a multi-disciplinary team from Dementia wards at The Harbour and community teams came together to create a dementia vision.  This was then developed with service users and carers to form our dementia vision. This is our vision for dementia care for Lancashire residents. Since 2015, we have been working hard to fulfil this vision.

    Our dementia vision is to support people across Lancashire to live well with dementia by empowering individuals to sustain their skills.  Building on our core Trust values to provide compassionate, person-centred care and promote a sense of well-being. To be bordered and coloured

    Our Mission is to:

    • Specialise in the care and support of those affected by dementia
    • Maximise opportunity to live well, make own decision, plan better/earlier for the future
    • Provide enabling social and physical environments to capitalise on skills and minimise difficulties
    • Embrace the opportunities and challenges a diagnosis of dementia can bring and support individuals, families and friends to do so

    We set ourselves some aims to achieve our mission and these will continue to be revised:
    AIM 1 - Ensuring a skilled workforce, access to training and active dementia awareness click on to find out our progress on this
    AIM 2 - To strive for excellence in dementia care embracing current evidence and best practice frameworks  click to find out our progress on this
    AIM 3 - To utilise technology in all aspects of care to enhance experience click on to find out our progress on this

    AIM 1

    Ensuring a skilled workforce has access to training and active dementia awareness

    We currently have an increasing number of dementia friend champions across LSCFT.

    Dementia awareness module is now available as an e-learning package to all LSCFT staff

    Dementia training is provided to all preceptorship nurses across our inpatient unit, The Harbour

    Dementia awareness video 

    AIM 2

    To strive for excellence in dementia care embracing current evidence and best practice frameworks

    Standing still is not an option in Dementia Care.  New findings are being published all the time nationwide and to maintain service excellence, we must stay up to date.  LSCFT consider current evidence and good practice in all their decisions around service developments and improvements.  Even the development of this website considered current best practice guidelines on dementia friendly websites!  Staff embrace their responsibilities in keeping up to date with current practice and sharing good practice Trust Wide.

    LSCFT are member of the Dementia Action Alliance.  As part of this we are working towards dementia friendly hospital chartership at our dementia inpatient facility, The Harbour.  

    Dementia friendly environments – environmental audits have so far taken place at The Harbour and we plan to extend these audits across our community services too.

    Our staff will continued to be supported to undertake research, small and large scale in our effort to achieve clinical excellence.  Current research includes:

    • Human Rights Research participation
    • Dining buddies
    • The use of tablet technology to improve mood and engagement of inpatient service users with dementia

    AIM 3

    To utilise technology in all aspects of care to enhance experience
    Technology is a growing part of all our lives.  As with younger adults, older adults are embracing technology and using tablet devices to not only aid activities of daily living, but to keep in touch with loved ones.  LSCFT are always looking at creative ways of using technology to enhance care.

    Our Dementia Vision website is one way of reaching our residents digitially

    Tablet technology is now being used therapeutically on our Dementia Wards.  A service evaluation, led by Dr Leila Eccles, Senior Clinical Psychologist at The Harbour showed improvments in mood and engagement in service users expeirncing all stages of dementia and both men and women.  We are thrilled to announce this was published at a national conference

    LSCFT are active users of twitter – please follow us and have a look at what our staff have been up to this week @LancashireCare #LSCFTDementia

    Skype is being used daily to link up teams and to allow inpatient service users to communicate with loved ones who might live far away.

    Animations are being developed to raise dementia awareness across the Trust

    Nerve Centre

    Frailty CQUIN was completed monitoring the use of technology in services