DESMOND Feedback

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    We get a lot of feedback from our patients and this is just a small sample of their comments...

    ‘Comforting to know there is somewhere I could go for information’

    ‘It is highly educational and makes you aware of the effect of different foods on your body, and how these contribute to Diabetes’

    ‘It gave me the information I needed to control my Type 2 Diabetes’

    ‘Quick and easily referred on request. Presented in a light information manner’

    ‘Nice friendly staff, talked to us, but didn’t judge us’

    ‘There was support and understanding, and all my concerns were answered’

    ‘Available to newly diagnosed, free, local and very informative’

    ‘Very interesting, friendly tutors, enjoyed every minute of the course, thank you’

    ‘All the myths surrounding Type 2 Diabetes were cleared up’

    ‘It helped to be with others who were diabetic, and finding out information I didn’t know’

    ‘It was friendly, relaxed and delivered at the correct pace, lovely tutors’

    ‘An excellent source of information, encouragement and support – keep this program running!’

    ‘Attended as a plus one, but I wanted to leave feedback as it was a brilliant session’

    ‘Covered all current concerns and helped relatives to understand more, who attended the course as plus ones’ 

    These comments help us to develop our services and make sure we provide the best possible support we can.