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    About Us

    Our team is made up of lots of different people, who have different roles or responsibilities. These are broadly described below. 


    Our dietitians offer individualised advice and support surrounding nutrition, in order to help service users restore regular eating patterns and challenge their disordered thoughts around food. 

    Psychologists and therapists

    Our psychologists and therapists provide evidence-based psychotherapy, for example, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Family-Based Therapy, on both an individual and group basis. We also offer support to families and carers. See our later section on therapies for more detail.

    Specialist Nurses 

    Our specialist mental health nurses offer individual and group support to help service users build their motivation to make changes, and to begin implementing these changes. They also ensure their physical health is monitored regularly. 

    Specialist GP

    In some of our services, we also have a specialist GP who will supervise the physical health of service users, and oversee any medical complications resulting from the eating disorder.  

    For more information about what happens at an assessment, or what some of the different therapies available involve, please select whether you would like to read about the treatment available for adults, or for children and young people

    Team members raising money for 'Sock it to Eating Disorders'

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