Employment problems alongside depression or an anxiety disorder

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    Good work is work that is engaging, gives people a voice, treats them fairly, is good for their wellbeing, and helps them to progress. (Cheese, 2017).

    Patient feedback tells us that things have changed since I last applied for jobs. I now have a tablet, do online job searches , produced a CV,  discussing interview techniques. This has been very helpful.

    Another patient told us I now have more confidence to talk about things with my employer

    Many people with depression or an anxiety disorder will find that these problems can get in their way of their employment aspirations such as finding a job that matches their interests and skills or being well enough to cope with difficulties that arise in the workplace.

    First Step sees patients with a range of employment support needs including:

    • patients who are unemployed and need help in finding and getting a job
    • patients who have a job and are off sick
    • patients who are struggling to remain in work due to their depression or anxiety disorder
    • patients who are in work but are struggling to flourish and progress in their career due to their depression or anxiety disorder

    Please see our page on Integrated employment support for more information