Frequently Asked Questions about The Harbour

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    Frequently Asked Questions about The Harbour

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    Where do I sleep?

    You will have your own bedroom with ensuite bathroom, storage and television.  You will have your own access fob to enter your bedroom.

    Where do I put my belongings?

    Your belongings will be stored in your bedroom.  You will also have a locked cupboard to place some items.  We ask that you keep your bedroom and ensuite tidy as this will assist the domestic staff when cleaning your room.

    The Trust will not accept any liability for lost or stolen property that's in your possession.

    What can I bring with me?

    We suggest you bring with you:
    - Clothes and shoes
    - Nightwear
    - Money
    - Toiletries
    - Anything that makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed can be brought in, within reason.  There may be items or activities you enjoy which help you relax and which will aid your recovery, please discuss this with the ward team regarding having access to this. 
    - Your medication you have at home and give to ward staff immediately

    We would suggest that you do not bring anything valuable, or anything that holds sentimental value and cannot be replaced.

    Please remember that some personal items may be restricted and will need to be given to staff.  To ensure everyone's safety, staff will check all bags and your person on arrival to the ward. 

    Money brought into the ward and valuables may be kept with the patient affairs office as described earlier.

    What items are restricted?

    There items not allowed on the ward, or that you will have restricted access to.  This is necessary to maintain ward safety.  Examples of restricted items include lighters, matches, razors, scissors, mobile phone chargers, glass items and plastic bags. 

    Some items may have to be removed and stored separately, or asked that your family takes them home.

    Use of mobile Phones, Tablets etc.

    Devices that include camera/video capability and sound recording are now commonplace and this raises queries about having such items within the Harbour.

    Recognition for the need for confidentiality, privacy and safety and dignity for all patients is paramount.  Therefore you will have access to your mobile phone/tablet, although if these items are used to breach the privacy and dignity of the ward and its patients, or used to view illegal videos/pictures, they may be confiscated until further review.

    Where can I smoke?

    The hospital is smoke free.  There are no designated areas for patient, visitors or staff to smoke on the hospital grounds.

    If you wish to be prescribed Nicotine Replacement Therapy, please discuss this with your ward team.

    Can I wash my clothes?

    There is a laundry room available on the ward.  Washing powder is provided.  Please ensure you move your washing from the room when dry to prevent mix ups.  If you wish to iron, please ask a member of staff who will assist you with this.

    Where can I get clean bedding?

    There is a linen cupboard on each ward.  If you need fresh bedding you can ask staff to provide you with it.  You are responsible for changing your own bedding, although staff will help with this if needed.

    What are observation levels?

    Whist you are on the ward, the staff will check on you.  Sometimes you may not even notice them checking.  Other times it may be more obvious.  There are different levels of observation.  Some patients may be checked every 15 minutes, whilst all others are checked every ½ an hour.  Some patients may have a member of staff with them at all times; this may be the case when you first get admitted to the ward.  The observation level will be individual to you and your particular care and treatment, and they are there to support patients who require extra time with staff.

    What is leave?

    Leave is an agreed period of time off the ward.  The process for getting leave will depend on your individual circumstances. 

    If you are of a voluntary or informal status, you can request leave from the ward at any time.  You will usually be asked to agree the period of time you want with the doctor.  The doctor will offer their advice as to whether they think you are well enough for leave or not. 

    If you are detained under the Mental Health Act, you will need permission form the Consultant Psychiatrist.  If they agree you are fit for leave, they will sign a section 17 leave form.  You will be required to follow any conditions of leave stipulated.

    Prior to any period of leave whether informal or detained, you will be given a care plan by your named nurse team, which stipulates, times, contact numbers and conditions of the leave etc.

    Where can I find more information about the Mental Health Act and solicitors?

    The Ward staff and the Mental Health Act Administrator can provide you with all this information, also leaflets will be provided to explain your rights etc. There is also a link to the left of this page that will give Mental Health Act information for service users & carers.

    How will my spiritual needs be met?

    Within the hospital there is a reflection room which welcome's your attendance.  If you are unable to leave the Ward the nursing staff can arrange for someone to visit the Ward from your own denomination.  If possible this will be on the same day.

    When are meals and drinks available?

    The hospital will provide you with meals during your stay, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

    Sparky's cafe and shop in the reception can also provide light snacks and beverages 8am to 8pm when you have access to this area.

    Water, tea, coffee and cordials are available at any time day or night.  Tea and coffee may not be advised throughout the night if this is affecting a healthy sleep pattern.

    Takeaway food nights can be organized on your wards with staff support.

    When are visiting times?

    Families and friends are welcome to visit the wards. Visiting times are 1pm - 7.45pm, trying to avoid dinner time. We understand that sometimes people may not be able to visit at this these times, if this is the case, please speak with the nurse in charge.

    If your visitors bring anything in for your, the nursing staff will ask to check this before it can be handed to you.  This is to maintain the safety of yourself and others on the ward. 

    There are designated visiting areas on the ward, we ask for reasons of privacy and confidentiality that visitors do not wander around the ward. 

    You may also attend the café are with your visitors with prior agreement from your care team if this is required.

    Can children visit?

    Yes they can. Although anyone under the age of 18 cannot visit on the actual ward, however, there are specific family visiting rooms available for young visitors. These rooms are booked in advance; therefore please speak with the ward staff in to ensure an appropriate room can be booked for you.

    How do I contact people and how do people contact me?

    You may use a designated ward phone, your mobile phone and there is a payphone available in the main foyer area.

    If someone wishes to contact you, they can phone the Ward office and one of the staff will take the call, which will be passed to yourself if you're available, or a message will be taken for you.

    Satisfaction Questionnaire

    It is important for you to give your views and opinions about your stay as this will inform future developments of the service. You may therefore be asked to complete a questionnaire on discharge using to Patient Information Point.

    Specialist Support

    If you have special needs please discuss this with your Primary Nurse who will endeavor to accommodate your requirements.

    Is there any support available for my carer or family members?

    We welcome you and your carer and/or family members to be actively involved in meetings about your care and the service. Please speak with the ward teams regarding this. 

    To find out more about how to get involved with mental health services, contact the Head of Patient and Public Involvement on 01772 695300.

    How can I access my medical records?

    In the first instance you can ask for informal access. Some doctors and health professionals may facilitate for patients to see their records if asked. Formal access is when you require a copy of your records, or when informal access is not possible. You can request formal access by writing to the Mental Health Act Administrator at The Harbour.

    How do I make a Compliment, Complaint, Suggestion or comment about The Harbour?

    We value feedback, both positive and negative, that enables us to evaluate and develop the services we provide. If you wish to complain about your care and treatment, please approach a member of staff in the first instance. They may be able to resolve this immediately, you can also raise any concern with the ward sister/charge nurse or matron. Alternatively there are leaflets on the ward to make a compliment or complain, the address to send these is:

    Customer Care
    Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust
    PO Box 592, Sceptre Way
    Bamber Bridge
    Preston, PR5 6ZX
    Tel: 01772 695315

    An advocate can also assist you with making a compliment, complaint, suggestion or concern.