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    "Patient feedback tells us that things have changed since I last applied for jobs. I now have a tablet, do online job searches , produced a CV, discussing interview techniques. This has been very helpful."

    Integrated employment support for First Step patients to help you find, keep or return to work   

    How do I get employment support alongide my therapy?

    You can access employment support if you are receiving a talking therapy from any First Step practitioner. Ask your First Step practitioner about employment support at your next appointment.

    How can you support me?

    If you are worrying about finding a suitable job or you are feeling worried or depressed because of difficulties at work, our First Step practitioners can refer you to one of our Employment Advisors for help and support if this is something that you feel you need. The Employment Advisors and First Step practitioner will work toegther to meet your needs.

    We will help if you are unemployed & looking for work by:

    • offering you careers advice and guidance
    • arranging work placements or tasters
    • identifying suitable training courses
    • creating a CV, searching for jobs or filling in job applications
    • completing a better off in work calculation
    • arranging a referral for welfare benefits advice

    We will help you if you’re absent from work (on sick leave) by:

    • discussing reasonable adjustments with you and your employer
    • assessing your job role and recommending changes
    • managing your health & wellbeing at work
    • giving you & your employer strategies to manage how you feel at work
    • helping you to deal with difficult relationships at work

    We will help you if you're struggling to cope at work by:

    • Identifying solutions to improve your wellbeing at work
    • Mediation with your employer / line manager
    • Supporting occupational health advice and assessments
    • Providing advice to you and your employer about the Equality Act 2010