Governor Elections

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    Governor Elections 2019

    Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust is the new name for Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, reflecting the wide range of services that the Trust provides throughout the area. 

    Governors form a vital link between the Trust and the community that it serves. The Council of Governors meets monthly (except January and July), usually in Preston. Governors can help shape the future of service delivery, contribute to key decisions and see first-hand how the Trust's staff deliver a wide range of mental health and community services from over 400 locations across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

    A principal duty of the Council of Governors is to appoint the Chair and Non-Executive Directors. The Council of Governors has the collective duty of holding the Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board of Directors in delivering against its strategic plan.

    Nominations are invited for the following vacancies. You can check your constituency using this Constituency Guide.

    To find out more about this important and challenging role, please use the following link:  

    If you have any more questions about the election process or would like to find out moe about what being a Governor involves, please contact Tony Slater, Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust's Independent Returning Officer, by email:   

    Notice of Election


    Public / Staff Members


    Number of Seats

    Member Elected will be

    confirmed on 20 December 2019



    2 Seats



    Central Lancashire

    3 Seats

    TBC on 20.12.19


    Out of Area

    1 Seat

    TBC on 20.12.19


    North Lancashire & South Cumbria

    1 Seat



    West Lancashire

    1 Seat




    1 Seat




    1 Seat