How you can help

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    How YOU can help

    People like you are our greatest asset in the fight to minimise the impact of Coronavirus. By working together, we can make things possible, have a positive impact and save lives. Each and every one of us can play our part.

    Whether you already have clinical expertise, or you or a friend/family member have received treatment or support from the NHS previously and you'd like to show your thanks and support during this challenging time, there's sure to be a way you can help.

    Two key types of help urgently needed include:

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    Fantastic nurses and volunteers have already started to come forward and are making a real difference to the lives of the patients and vulnerable people they support. We are so grateful for their time, expertise and support – however, many more are still needed.

    By getting involved and offering the type of help most suitable to you and your skills, you'll not only be there for the patients and vulnerable people you support, you'll also reduce pressure on those already doing what they can to help.

    Reasons to get involved include:

    • You have the clinical skills and expertise needed and want to put them to best use
    • You have practical skills which may be useful or have time to offer
    • You've received treatment/support from the NHS previously and want to show your thanks
    • A friend/family member has recently received treatment/support from the NHS and you want to show your thanks
    • You've recently recovered from Coronavirus, are now clear of symptoms and healthy and would like to help others
    • You believe it's right for us to all pull together in a time of crisis and do our bit

    Help is urgently needed. How can YOU help? Now is the time to support our NHS in the best way that you can.

    If you are looking for other opportunites available within the Trust, please visit our recruitment section.