Lancashire South Cumbria Resilience Hub Public Information

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    Please note these pages are still in development and will be updated as information becomes available

    Lancashire South Cumbria Resilience Hub Public Information

    What is The Lancashire & South Cumbria Resilience Hub?

    The Lancashire & South Cumbria Resilience Hub is a new NHS service set up to help people directly affected by the INSERT INCIDENT HERE.. It is for children, young people and adults and is open to people across the UK, as many people attending the event were from Lancashire and beyond. 

    What does the Hub do?

    The Hub is staffed by trained mental health professionals who are used to working with children, young people and adults who have experienced trauma. They will be able to give advice about what reactions are normal, whether you would benefit from more targeted support and help you get the services you might need.

    Screening programme

    The Hub is also running a screening programme. Very strong reactions are common and entirely natural in the first few weeks after a traumatic incident. Most people recover well over the first few weeks with support from family, friends and their own communities.  However some people may continue to struggle and may need more support.

    The screening programme aims to find out who needs extra help. To take part in the screening programme you will be asked to fill out some questionnaires online at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after the attack.

    I was at the event but don’t live in Lancashire or South Cumbria, can I get help?

    Yes, The Hub is based in Greater Manchester, but it offers support to anyone in the UK.

    How do I contact The Hub?

    You can call us on 01772 520800 (normal charges apply) or email us on

    We are open to take calls Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm. You can leave answerphone messages at other times and we will call you back. If we are very busy, you may be asked to leave a message on an answerphone, even during opening hours.

    Will The Hub offer treatment?

    The Hub has been set up to offer information and advice and to co-ordinate your care.  We will not be offering direct treatment.

    Do I need my parent/carer’s permission to take part in the screening programme if I am under 16?

    We require all young people under 16 years old to provide their parents/carers details to take part in the screening programme. The automatic response that is sent will go to your parent/carer but we can speak directly to young people under 16.

    How will the information I send be used?

    If you call us for advice, we may offer to refer you to services that can help you. We will ask your permission before we refer you, unless we are concerned that you are at serious and immediate risk.

    If you take part in the screening programme, staff from the Hub will look at your answers and then call you on whichever phone number you have provided.

    If you are 15 or younger we will call your parent or carer, but we are happy to speak to young people directly once we’ve made contact with your parent/carer.


    Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust will also use your anonymised answers as part of an evaluation to help us understand trauma reactions better, so we can improve our services and plan responses to any future incidents. All information that identifies you, such as your name and date of birth, will be removed to do this.

    For more information about how Lancashire Care use your information, please click here. 

    Can I talk to you without giving you my name?

    The Hub will ask for contact details and other information. This is to allow us to make referrals on your behalf and contact you to check how you are doing. You do not need to give us any contact details but this will limit how much we can help you. However, we can still speak to you and assist you however we can.

    We will never pass on your details without your permission unless we are concerned that you or someone else is at serious and immediate risk, or the law requires it.

    I was not at the event but hearing about it has affected me. Can I get help from The Hub?

    We will speak to anyone who has been affected and sign-post you to the best service for your needs. However the screening programme is for people who were at the event, or who had friends or loved ones who were injured or killed.

    Can I claim for financial help from The Hub?

    No The Hub is not involved in distributing any financial aid.

    Where do I go for more information?

    More information, beyond emotional support is available at