Traumatic Stress Service Psychological Debriefing

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    Psychological Debriefing

    Psychological debriefing refers to the opportunity for a group of colleagues to meet together to discuss and review a workplace trauma in an organised and structured way.

    Psychological debriefing usually takes the form of a single meeting led by facilitators trained in a particular approach to debriefing

    It is not treatment for trauma. Rather it is an opportunity to discuss what has happened, to consider the likely reactions to such an event and to provide immediate support and guidance.

    Overall the aim is to facilitate normal recovery through promoting the person’s own coping mechanisms and support structures.

    Trained facilitators are available through the Lancashire Traumatic Stress Service. This service is provided free to staff in Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust. For external organisations, a modest fee will be charged.

    For more information about psychological debriefing or to request a debriefing meeting please email