What Our Patients Say About The Traumatic Stress Service

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    What Our Patients Say About Us

    Some people who have used our service have been kind enough to agree to their comments being used on our website.

    Below are some of their comments.

    1. Excellent service which met my needs in full and helped me to recover.
    2. An excellent service that has really made a difference to my life after 10 years of misery.
    3. Gave me time and permission to reflect and go on to use techniques suggested to me, which were of great benefit and enabled me to get on with my life feelings both comfortable and more confident.
    4. I very rarely have nightmares now. I sleep much better and am able to make plans for the future and feel it worthwhile to take care of myself. I experience far less anxiety and although I still get waves of grief I can let them wash through me and know they are normal and will pass.
    5. This is the first time in 17 years of looking for treatment for PTSD that I believe the professionals involved truly understand the condition and its effects on the individual and their families. They offer a practical approach to finding solutions. 
    6. Life changing, life saving, life now worth living.
    7. Thanks so much for leading me through the therapy, I found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The EMDR in particular I found staggering, for want of a better word. An incredible experience, difficult to summarise in words. It felt as if it went right through the core of me.
    8. This service is very efficient in resolving symptoms of post traumatic stress. The therapist is very reassuring and professional. An excellent service, at last, from the NHS.
    9. This is a very good service and very helpful for people with different needs.
    10. Has helped me turn a new page in my life - thank you.
    11. Very well put together with a nice group of caring individuals.
    12. Having a mental illness is very challenging; I had nowhere left to turn, felt I had no future and was nervous about attending the service. The staff are excellent and put you at ease straight away. I would not hesitate recommending Lancashire Traumatic Stress Service. For me it's been a life saver and has changed my life for the better, because all the staff have caring natures, the time they invest in you to address your mental needs and the support is endless. Thank you.
    13. Very professional.
    14. The LTSS has helped me so much. They have taken me from a shell of a man to being a whole person again. I can't say enough good things about this service. For 12 years I had problems, but by spending a year with the service I have the rest of my life to enjoy. Thank you LTSS.
    15. If only this service had been available to me 30 years earlier - it would have saved me from suffering heartache, anxieties and ill health.
    16. LTSS saved my life.
    17. Compassionate, expert professionals who are, frankly life savers.
    18. Excellent, understanding therapist. All staff kind and helpful.
    19. I would like to thank all the staff at this service for the professional, friendly and empathetic way they treat their patients. The process works extremely well and I will be forever grateful. Thank you.
    20. LTSS has helped me enormously. Every single member of staff is professional, friendly, caring and supportive. I felt they were always fully interested in my refcovery from PTSD. This service has been a life-line to me.
    21. I felt understood at ease within such a difficult experience to re-live and talk about. I felt helped and not judged.  
    22. This service has completely changed my life, it has pushed me in a new direction in which I would like to help others in need.
    23. The team and service saved my life and gave me a futureto look forward to. They are amazing especially David Keane, Amanda, Pauline and Rachel.