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    Local Academic Teaching

    The LSCFT Local Academic Programme (LAP) occurs each Wednesday afternoon.  This is attended by all grades of doctor. We have training in Mental Health Law, Mental Capacity Law, Pharmacy, QI and Audit, Freedom to Speak Up and lots of sessions for our doctors to showcase their good work.

    Some of the sessions are linked to the regional MRCPsych Course and syllabus. Our programme receives consistently good feedback. Each of these sessions has a theme i.e. Alzheimer’s disease or Schizophrenia. Junior doctors have the opportunity to present cases, ‘5-5-5’ presentations, journal clubs/critical appraisal or audits for which they receive an assessment to include in their portfolios. There is also the opportunity to complete MQCs, which relate to the exams. Higher trainees deliver expert led sessions, interview skills training and chair discussions, all of which contribute to their leadership and management development. Consultants also chair sessions, deliver teaching, and receive feedback on their performance for their own CPD.

    Psychotherapy is a particularly strong subject area for LSCFT, with weekly Balint groups being held as part of our local teaching as well as an introductory CBT course and psychodynamic psychotherapy course.


    ‘These have been inspiring sessions where I have become even more passionate about psychiatry and learnt a lot about communication and about myself’ (Junior Doctor, 2018)


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