SAS Doctors and CESR Development

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    SAS Doctors and CESR Development

    LSCFT is very proud of the work that we have done to develop our SAS Doctors, with many of our doctors choosing SAS by choice but also we support many of our doctors through the CESR process. We truly value our SAS doctors.

    We have thriving SAS development days, which include both academic and pastoral elements, which meets every 2 months to drive forward drive forward teh educational developments of this group of doctors.

    We have an excellent CESR Development Peer Group, led by medical education, which meets every 2 months to drive forward the educational developments for this group of Doctors. There is also an Approved Clinical (AC) group which meets to support SAS doctors who are working hard to become Approved Clinicians. We al

    We also run an annual CESR conference. 

    LSCFT have also developed unique CESR Achievement Posts (CAP) in Psychiatry. These posts have specific elements which include increased SPA's per week to work on the portfolio of evidence, enhanced portfolio development support in addition to the allocation of a CESR Mentor & Clinical Supervision.

    ‘I am proud to be associated with LSCFT for clearly demonstrating interest in the development of SAS Doctors as part of the well-established educational culture…’
    (SAS Doctor, 2019)
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