Trainer Development

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    Trainer Development

    All of our supervisors are supported to be accredited according to GMC standards and we have an excellent approachable bunch of supervisors in LSCFT.

    We have a Training the Trainers programme to ensure that our Trainers have access to a CPD programme for their ongoing supervisor accreditation, which now includes Supervisor Peer Support Sessions.

    In December 2016 saw the launch of our extremely successful first annual Educators’ Conference, where speakers who are the leading edge of developments delivered presentations about the direction of travel in Psychiatry.

    We were privileged to receive and broadcast an inspirational message from the Dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Dr Kate Lovett and proud to have as our Keynote Speakers, Dr Wendy Burn President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists) and Dr Gareth Cuttle, who spoke about the work of the Gatsby-Wellcome Neuroscience Project.

    At our events, Consultants, SAS doctors and Higher Trainees from all areas of the Trust come together for a morning of interesting presentations, and an afternoon of stimulating and informative workshops. The event also provided a great opportunity for networking and meeting colleagues from other areas and sharing ideas.

    ‘The conference was a really good way of getting all of our colleagues together, to learn from each other and to keep upto date as an educator’ (Clinical Supervisor, 2019)