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Welcome to Medical Education in LSCFT

In LSCFT MedEd our vision is 'to nurture our students and doctors as part of a clinical team to better understand mental health the experiences of their patients, families and carers, to support them to provide high-quality clinical care and to support and develop our trainers to facilitate this lifelong learning'.

We provide training for undergraduates from Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster Universities as well as training for Foundation Year Doctors, GP trainees, Core Trainees in Psychiatry and Specialty Trainees in all of the Psychiatry specialties. We are a leading Trust in the development of SAS Doctors and how to progress these Doctors through the CESR process. We also provide Psychiatry training for Physician Associates and link in with our multidisciplinary colleagues whenever we can.

We have a strong focus on improving the training experience via individual post feedback using data form multiple sources including end of placement feedback surveys. the National Training Survey (NTS) and National Educational Training Survey (NETS).

Trainer development is also key for us. All of our Trainers are fully accredited as supervisor with the GMC. We have a Supervisor Development Programme, an annual Educator's Conference and are linked to the regional School of Psychiatry Training the Trainer Course. Trainer development is a key part of the medical appraisal process in LSCFT.

We try to keep abreast of new developments in education, to incorporate these into our posts. Examples of this include our work on Fatigue and Wellbeing, CASC development training, the Consultant interview skills simulation workshops, the support for Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Trainees and our development of Medical Education Fellows. 

The Trust is also on a quality improvement journey, and we are keen to encourage all of our doctors to be involved in quality improvement and audit within the Trust and to share this good practice with others.

We use Twitter to share some of the work that we are doing on our LSCFT Medical Education Twitter page, but also many of the Medical Education Team have their own profiles and these are listed with links in the Medical Educational Team section of these webpages.

Our medical education twitter:@LSCFTMedED

Best wishes

Dr Gareth Thomas
Director of Medical Education (DME)


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