Medical Recruitment - Secure Services

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    Exterior photograph of Guild Lodge

    Medical Recruitment - Secure Services

    Associate Medical Director for Secure Services

    Dr Lucy Bacon                        
    Guild Lodge Hospital, Preston.
    Tel: 01772 406617

    Secure Mental Health services are part of the Mental Health Network.  Within this network, we maintain our identity as a group of forensic psychiatrists offering expertise at the sharp end of mental health. There are approximately 14 forensic consultants working through the trust in inpatient, prisons and community services.

    The consultants have a weekly meeting and have good relationships both in and outside of work. Guild Lodge is a supportive environment which allows the consultant body to maintain an excellent work/life balance. There is a strong focus on medical education and the unit receives excellent feedback from medical students and trainees.  

    Inpatient Services

    Guild Lodge Hospital is a comprehensive network of 164 medium secure, low secure and step-down beds and specialist forensic community services have evolved in response to the needs of Service Users across Lancashire and South Cumbria, and those with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) across the North West region as a whole.

    There are three distinct primary service lines which enable the coordinated delivery of the range of services provided. These lines function as semi-autonomous business units, with their own income, expenditure and performance framework.  

    The three primary service lines are as follows:

    • Male Secure Mental Health Services (5 medium secure, 2 low secure and 2 step-down wards)
    • Women's Secure Mental  Health Services (1 medium secure, 1 low secure and 1 step-down ward)
    • Male Secure Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Service (2 medium secure, 1 low secure)

    The wards are well supported by trainees of all grades as well as a full multi-disciplinary team including psychologists, pharmacists, nurses, support workers, and administrative staff. All wards have further support from a clinical nurse specialist or a clinical practitioner, whose role is to support the medical team on a day to day basis.  

    Prison Services

    Our health and justice service provides a range of primary care, physical and mental healthcare services for people in contact with the criminal justice system.

    We provide healthcare into HMP Liverpool which includes two consultants working alongside other grade doctors in the prison environment. As well as running outpatient clinics at HMP Liverpool and chairing single point of access meetings, consultants are responsible for the 28 bedded inpatient unit. LSCFT not only provide mental health care, they also provide all physical health care, end of life care, chronic disease management, consistent GP services and on call facility, physical health inpatient care, blood, ECG and blood pressure clinics, comprehensive wound management facilities and access to podiatry and opticians

    Community Services 

    The Forensic Community Mental Health Team (FCMHT) are based on Fellside Ward, a mens' low secure pre-discharge ward at Guild Lodge Hospital. Active rehabilitation and discharge planning are the focus, with many of the service users in the final stages of inpatient care before they return to life in the community.

    FCMHT is a multi-disciplinary team of three consultants, nurses, and social workers. The team manages a caseload of approximately 60 patients who are on extended leave from, or discharged from Guild Lodge. Community consultants have good relationships with numerous community providers as well as commissioners, which allows effective care coordination and placement planning.  

    The team also links in with each of the inpatient wards at Guild Lodge, providing designated health and social care staff to all inpatient areas for advice, support and pre-discharge planning. 

    There is also a forensic inreach team which has a number of work streams including: personality disorder assessment and liaison service, autistic spectrum disorder service, prison transfer service, inpatient support service and forensic community clinics. 

    If you wish to have an informal discussion about working in secure services in LSCFT, then please contact Dr Steve Noblett (see above) or Dr Matt Appleyard or Tel: 01772 773652