Useful Reading

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    Useful Reading

    Overcoming book range
    Overcoming books are available via the Reading Well Programme which promotes the benefits of reading for health and wellbeing. There two strands: Books on Prescription and Mood-boosting Books.

    Mind Over Mood: Change how you feel by changing the way you think 
    Christine A. Padesky & Dennis Greenberger (1995)

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies 
    Rob Wilson & Rhena Branch (2005)

    Overcoming Low Self-Esteem: A 3-part programme based on Cognitive Behavioural Techniques 
    Melanie Fennell (2006)

    Coping With Fears and Phobias: A step-by-step guide to understanding and facing your anxieties
    Warren Mansell (2007)

    Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: How to turn your fear and indecision into confidence and action
    Susan Jeffers (2011)

    Overcoming Body Image Disturbance: A programme for people with eating disorders
    Lorraine Bell & Jenny Rushforth (2008)

    It's Not All in Your Head: How Worrying about Your Health
    Gordon J. G. Asmundson and Steven S. Taylor (2006)

    A Special Scar: The experiences of people bereaved by suicide
    Alison Wertheimer (2001)

    Healing Grief: A guide to loss and recovery
    Barbara Ward (1993)

    The Empty Bed: Bereavement and the loss of love
    Susan Wallbank (2010) 

    The Happiness Trap
    Dr Russ Harris (2008)

    Happiness – Lessions from a New Science
    Richard Layard (2005)

    The Compassionate Mind
    Paul Gilbert (2010)

    The Compassionate Mind Approach to Building Self-Confidence
    Mary Welford (2012)