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    What is SilverCloud?

    SilverCloud is an exciting new online programme that is designed to help you learn techniques to overcome symptoms of low mood and anxiety.

    SilverCloud is a flexible programme, that you can access anywhere, whether at home, work or elsewhere. You can use it on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

    The idea of this programme is that you can work at your own pace, with regular reviews from your therapist who can help to guide and motivate you through the programme. It consists of evidence based techniques based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which are recognised to have a positive impact on low mood and anxiety

    How do I get Access?

    You are now able to sign up to our online therapy programme by filling out this quick, easy and hassle free form. If our online programme is suitable for you we will set you up on the system and then you’ll have instant access to the support you need.

    SilverCloud allows you to access the programme in your own time, at your own pace, and is very flexible and easy to use - however we will always be there to support you if you need us.

    You will have up to 6 online reviews with your supporter approximately every two weeks who will monitor your progress on the programme. You can leave comments for your supporter who will pick these up at your review, and they will leave comments and suggestions of what might be helpful for you to work on. You do not need to be online at the time of the reviews, but the next time you log on after a review, you will be asked to complete the questionnaires that will help us assess your current mood.

    Most people complete the programme anywhere between 6- 12 weeks. Once you have finished your reviews with your supporter, you will continue to have access to SilverCloud for a further 12 months should you need a recap on the tools and techniques you have learnt.

    The software has state of the art technology, and includes easy to follow programmes with

    • Video clips
    • Interactive quizzes
    • A journal
    • Audio guided exercises


    Self Referral Form

    To access SilverCloud please click on the link below

    Please note: When self-referring please ensure you fill out all fields, especially your contact details - we may not be able to contact you without these.

    Self-Referral is for everyone registered with a GP in the above areas. Please consult your GP to find your local IAPT service if you are not from these areas.

    There is no confirmation message when you have completed the online form - we will contact you by letter to confirm your referral has been received.



    Patient Information Leaflets


    With our leaflets we aim to give you information about the Trust in general, our services and treatments, and to provide useful information for service users and their carers.

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