Wellbeing Workshop

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    Wellbeing Workshop

    The Wellbeing Workshop is a FREE 6 week course that will help you learn how to cope with anxiety, stress and depression and improve your overall wellbeing.

    The Wellbeing Workshop is a safe, non-judgemental course where you can meet other people who also want to learn ways of improving their wellbeing.

    The course is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques. Each session will look at different things that can affect our wellbeing and we will teach you coping strategies to tackle anxiety, stress and depression.

    Although the Wellbeing Workshop is an interactive course, it is not a therapy group and you won’t be asked to disclose any personal details about yourself or your situation.  On this course, you can meet other people who feel the same way, build your support network and help each other overcome problems.  We will never make you talk if you don’t want to, however we will encourage you to join in the discussions so you can get the most out of the course.  Conversations will focus on coping strategies and practicing the techniques.  Sometimes, we might get you into smaller groups to work through and practice particular skills.  This gives you the chance to give techniques a go and ask questions.

    Classes are supported by slideshow presentations, weekly paper hand-outs, video, audio and relaxation and mindfulness tracks.

    Sessions (usually weekly) last for 2 hours with a 10 minute break.

    Sessions cover:

    Session 1: Getting Started and Stress

    Session 2: Anxiety

    Session 3: Depression

    Session 4: Thought Challenging

    Session 5: Sleep and Problem Solving

    Session 6: Self-esteem, Assertiveness and Relapse Prevention

    The Wellbeing Workshop could help you if:

    • You want to find out about what can be helpful in managing stress, anxiety or depression
    • You’ve never had any treatment before - it’s a great starting place
    • You want to meet other people who might be feeling the same way
    • You want to start tackling your problems quickly
    • You need to build up your support networks
    • You are quite isolated
    • You want to discover the range of techniques that might be able to help you – the course covers lots of strategies!

    How do I book on?

    Please contact your local Mindsmatter team to book on