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CORONAVIRUS: Mindsmatter are continuing to offer a normal service, however at present all of our appointments are by telephone and online only. Click here for more Coronavirus Information.


Mindsmatter offer a variety of different talking treatments to suit your needs. We will arrange a friendly telephone assessment with you to discuss your current difficulties and talk about what might work best for you.

We offer the following types of therapy and treatment:

  • Courses and Groups – these are local and quick to access (currently online only and dependent on locality due to Coronavirus restrictions)
  • Online Therapy Programmes – these are quick to access and fit around your lifestyle
  • One-to-one sessions – (currently offered by telephone or video consultation)

You can discuss the different options available that will suit your treatment goals with a clinician during your telephone assessment

Self-Refer online now!

Is now a good time for me to access treatment?

Before you making a referral to our service, it is important to consider the following in order to decide whether talking treatment is right for you at this time:

  • Is this the right time for treatment? What makes it important to access support now?  Can I commit to attending appointments and engaging in-between session work?
  • Do you use alcohol and/or drugs to manage your feelings? Getting support to reduce your intake and develop other coping strategies will be crucial in order to be able to make use of treatment
  • What would you like to have gained at the end of your sessions? What would be most useful to focus on? And how can you make the best use of the sessions? 
  • If you have had treatment before what was most helpful? And was there anything you felt needed to be different? What would help you make the most of treatment in the future?
  • Especially in regards to counselling treatment, do you have the support and resources you need to be able to cope with the strong feelings that can be produced by focusing on difficult experiences?


If you feel that now is not the right time for you to engage in treatment, please see our list of Useful Links to help you tackle some of the practical issues you may be facing. 

When you feel the time is right for you, you can Self-Refer online at any point!