Modern Day Slavery Statement

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Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement 2020

As an NHS organisation, LSCFT does not engage in profit-making activities which could trigger the reporting requirement within the Modern Slavery Act 2015. In recognition of the importance of eliminating modern slavery, the Board of Directors have prepared a voluntary statement in response to the Act.

LSCFT is committed to maintaining and improving systems, processes and policies to avoid complicity in human rights violation.

We realise that slavery and human trafficking can occur in many forms, such as forced labour, domestic servitude, sex trafficking and workplace abuse.

The Trust is fully aware of the responsibilities it bears towards patients, employees and the local community and as such, we have a strict set of values that we use as guidance with regard to our activities. We therefore would expect that all suppliers to the Trust adhere to the same principles.

The Trust already exercises due diligence and checks on suppliers in line with both our internal Standing Financial Instructions and in compliance with the Public Contract Regulations and it is a mandatory criteria of selection and indeed exclusion if any supplier is not compliant with the reporting requirements of the Act. Indeed, as the Trust primary supplier of goods and consumables, NHS Supply Chain already uses a Supplier Code of Conduct with every supplier who is approved to sell its products via the NHS catalogue.

The Trust’s Procurement Procedures and the NHS standard terms and conditions of contract take into account the Act.