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New Self-Referral Form for the Quit Squad

Posted on the 29th August 2014

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Quit Squad has a new referral form on their website for people wanting to receive information on how to quit smoking for good as well as anyone looking for support with e-cigarettes. Kicking the habit can reduce the risk of heart attacks, some cancers, and also significantly improve blood pressure and cholesterol.

Julie Trezise, Quit Squad Manager for Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We’re here to help anyone who wants to quit smoking and even if people are just considering it, we’re urging them to visit our website and get in touch. The new self-referral form will allow people to instantly register their interest with the service and start receiving advice and support as soon as possible.

“Stopping smoking can be really difficult for some people but we want them to know they don’t have to do it alone. People are 4 times more likely to succeed in stopping smoking with expert help and advice so people really have nothing to lose by getting in touch.”

The Quit Squad also runs a series of drop-in sessions and one to one clinics which are tailored to suit individual needs. You can find out more information about this and how the team can help you by visiting