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2014 Community Mental Health Survey

Posted on the 23rd September 2014

The results of a recent survey which asked service users about the care they receive has indicated mental health services in Lancashire are the best for including people in decisions about their treatment.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have published results of a survey which asks service users who access community mental health services a series of questions relating to the care and treatment they received. The results show Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust as scoring the highest across all the 57 NHS Trusts surveyed for service users feeling included and involved about the choice of treatment and therapies used in their care. In the eight other areas of the survey the Trust was rated as performing ‘about the same’ as the other organisations.

Dee Roach, Director of Nursing at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“This report provides valuable feedback from the people who use our services about their experiences, where we are doing well and where we could do better.  We are delighted to see that we are reported as one of the best performing Trusts in relation to the treatments provided.  The results also provide us with the opportunity to benchmark our services against other mental health service providers.

We are committed to continuously learning and improving the care we provide.  The results of the survey and ongoing in year feedback from people who use our services will be used to inform service improvements, as the Trust strives to sustain and improve the quality of care provided.”

The survey asked diverse questions ranging from whether service users felt they received adequate support in finding work to how included they felt in their care and treatment.

You can view the full results for Lancashire Care as well as the full survey by visiting the CQC website at