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Wellbeing and Mental Health Helpline

Posted on the 2nd October 2014

The helpline, previously known as the Mental Health Helpline, provides an out of hours listening service for residents across Lancashire who may be concerned about their mental health or that of someone they know. The helpline has now changed its name to reflect it also offers wellbeing advice and support for people who may be feeling low or in distress with issues ranging from phobias and sleep problems to domestic violence or bereavement problems. The helpline has a new Freephone number 0300 222 5931, which means calls will not be charged whether they are made from a landline or mobile phone.

Lorraine Khalaf, Wellbeing and Mental Health Helpline Service Manager at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“The helpline was previously available for those who were concerned about their own mental health or that of those they care for. However, we have extended our service to provide general wellbeing advice to callers who may be feeling a bit low and are able to signpost them to local support groups for assistance, as well as providing a listening ear for those who feel they have no one else to talk to. The helpline relies on volunteers who receive full training and donate their time to provide immediate emotional support for callers and information on services they can access for further advice and guidance.

“We understand that sometimes life can be difficult and there are a number of things that can make people feel down, talking to someone can really help.”

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 7pm to 11pm and on weekends 12 midday to 12 midnight. You can find out more about the Wellbeing and Mental Health Helpline by visiting