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Market Place Mobile Device

Posted on the 4th June 2013

The Market Stall was part of the recent IAPT Conference held on 4 June 2013 in Blackpool.  The Market Stall demonstrated the benefits of mobile technology to record service user outcomes. Interested delegates who attended the event were able to view the current application at the Market Stall.

The application which has been developed at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust has developed a mobile application which holds the IAPT PROMS forms. These forms are linked to the service user’s electronic care record and therapists are able to complete the appropriate PROMS Form with the service user using the mobile device. This information is automatically processed and aggregated to provide the minimum data set for submission to IAPT. In addition, a graphical representation is automatically produced to provide a view of outcome measures from session to session item by item to provide feedback for discussion between service user and therapist.

For further information please contact:-

Barbara Moss - Clinical Change Lead
Clinical Sytems Team, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

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