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Lancashire Care supports the "Hello my name is..." campaign

Posted on the 3rd February 2015

The ‘Hello my name is…’ campaign was spearheaded by Dr Kate Granger, a young hospital consultant from Yorkshire who works in elderly care, to improve the patient experience not only here in the UK, but across the world. Kate became frustrated with the number of staff who failed to introduce themselves to her when she was in hospital. Her campaign on social media platform Twitter is inspiring nurses, doctors, therapists, receptionists, porters, domestics and staff in all roles.

Dr Granger, 33, has terminal cancer, and has made it her mission in whatever time she has left to get as many members of NHS staff as possible pledging to introduce themselves to their patients.
This campaign is simple – reminding staff to go back to basics and introduce themselves to patients properly. Kate talks about this as “the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care” and sees it as the start of making a vital human connection, beginning a therapeutic relationship and building trust between patients and healthcare staff.

The campaign is being endorsed by an increasing number of well-known figures including David Cameron,  Jeremy Hunt, the Countess of Wessex, Bob Geldof and Drew Barrymore.

Janet Thomas, Deputy Director of Nursing at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said: 
“We are committed to providing the very best in compassionate care for the people of Lancashire. It is important for us that our patients have a great experience whilst in our care. This campaign is great as it reminds us of the importance of simple things that can make the difference between a positive or negative experience for the patient. We encourage all our staff, from nurses to reception staff, to introduce themselves to patients and visitors, which in turn can help them feel relaxed and confident knowing who is looking after them.”

You can support Dr Granger’s campaign on Twitter by sending her a message at @GrangerKate, including your name and the phrase #hellomynameis. To find about more about the campaign, visit