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Local Nurse set to help out in Africa

Posted on the 5th February 2015

Julia Hogan, who works in East Lancashire as a Team Leader for Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Contraception and Sexual Health (CaSH) service, is getting ready to swap the snowy Pennines for warmer climes and embark on a trip to Sierra Leone. Julia, a qualified Nurse, has volunteered to help out with the Ebola crisis in Africa and will be spending five weeks providing nursing care at the treatment centres in the region.

Julia will firstly spend one week at a training centre in the UK and will then travel out with fellow volunteers to the country. Julia said of the forthcoming trip:

“I qualified as a nurse in 1981 working at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I have been with the CaSH service for 10 years leading the team and providing sexual and reproductive health care to people in East Lancashire. I applied to volunteer to help out with the Ebola crisis as I have always wanted the opportunity to use my nursing skills in an area where they are really needed. This will be a big challenge and I am really looking forward to working with African colleagues and being in a completely different setting.

“As a team, we are always looking at different ways to develop links with professionals overseas to transfer knowledge and skills. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the challenges and obstacles faced by healthcare professionals working in areas with lower resources and share skills and knowledge.  On a personal level, I am grateful to have an opportunity to be able to make a difference to a crisis hit area and develop my nursing skills overseas.”

Dee Roach, Executive Director of Nursing, Quality and Governance at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We are extremely proud that one of our nurses has made the decision to volunteer an area hit by the Ebola crisis. We are focused on providing compassionate care to the people of Lancashire and it is great that these values will be travelling with Julia all the way to Sierra Leone. We wish her the very best in her travels and look forward to hearing of her experiences on her return.”
The Trust is committed to supporting members of staff with their personal and professional development. This forms part of the overall five year plan which encourages Trust staff to reach their full potential to help provide 21st century healthcare with wellbeing at its heart.

Julia will spend three weeks on her return away from work as part of Public Health England protocol for people returning to the country after volunteering to assist with the Ebola crisis.