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Service User Development Worker

Posted on the 22nd May 2013

Lancashire EIS are pleased to announce the appointment of Neil Caton into the role of Service User Development Worker.  

Neil's role will be to take the lead in establishing and developing service user involvement and engagement within EIS.   This will include taking a lead on providing service user representation to EIS at various levels of operation, including governance, team meetings, and in-house staff training.   Neil will also look at developing and implementing a plan for extending and maintaining service user involvement throughout EIS, including relationships with current service users, through the development and evaluation of appropriate engagement strategies (such as reference groups, advisory groups or activity groups).

Neil is a former service user of Early Intervention Services and believes himself to have made a substantial recovery from having received an initial diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. In the years after being discharged from hospital he has achieved a degree and a higher education diploma.  He has worked in various social care settings, including running a hearing voices and paranoia group in Blackburn with Lancashire Mind.  

Neil is a firm advocate of the recovery movement and of psychological and social approaches to psychoses and is on the ISPS UK trustees, a charity which promotes such approaches.


Further details of how to contact Neil to follow ......